Ocean Rodeo's Innovation

At Ocean Rodeo we seek success through innovation and quality products.

2012 Captive Zip Self donning Dry-Suit.

Patent Pending.

Innovative over jacket compression flaps delivers self donning dry zip design resulting in unrestricted shoulder mobility for Kite, SUP, Windsurf and Sailing. The over jacket compression flaps can also be zipped up to break the weather while the neck seal is removed, a comfortable option before and apres' session. (also known as stand by mode)

2011 FST - Forward Swept Wing

Patent Pending.

FST Wingtip technology increases a kites wind range and turning speed by increasing the distance from the front lines to the back lines. Water relaunch is made via the unique wingtip shape breaking surface tension between the LE tube and water.

2008 Meshed Vent Technology

Patent Pending.
Single layered mesh vents reduce back stalling the tube kite resulting in increased power and handling.

2007 Split Skin (Fusion) Drysuit technology

Patent 20070186326
The world’s first surfing dry suit has created a whole new category in cold water suits. This multi layered suit fits snug like a wetsuit yet is very light and flexible unlike any traditional suit, wet or dry.

2006 GO – Joe™ leash-less kite board recovery tool.

US Pat No 8,142,248
US Pat No 8376798
The GO – Joe™ is an inflatable tube structure attached to deck of the kite board that uses the natural forces of buoyancy distribution and wind to roll you kite board right side up and accelerate it down wind. These features combined with high visibility and additional floatation will make the use of surfboard style leashes in kite boarding obsolete.

2005 Lock and load leg straps: Session Harness

This is the design that started the category of “hybrid” harness. More comfort, adjustability and durability than any harness ever developed. Wear it as a waist or seat fit.

2005 Harness Handle Pass Quick Release

Quick Release - Simply pull the red eject handle next to the harness hook and you'll be free.

2004 C3 Conical Constant Curve Leading Edge

The most precise, strongest leading edge available.

2004 Shock Strip and Dacron Skeleton

We raised the bar again for durability; kites can withstand the new school moves.

2003 Maximum concave boards

Once again, kite boarding is all about holding and edge. What better bottom shape than a giant 18mm concave. The Mako has proved year after year to the ultimate, high speed- carving machine.

2002 Flex boards

We recognized very early that kite boarding was an edging sport. Board construction should be based on snowboard and ski technology, rather than surfboards. We pioneer flex tip to tail, and torsion twist.

2001 Punch-OUT Bar Activated Chicken Loop Release.

US Patent 6691954
A revolutionary safety release system that allows the rider to release their chicken loop without taking your hands from the control bar. A VERY useful innovation in the early days of C kites. Ocean Rodeo was awarded the prestigious ISPO Dupont Safety Award in 2003 for the Punch-out..

2001 Variable Aspect Ratios sizing of Kites

We changed the outline and power distribution of each kite size, to offer similar handling and trim characteristics throughout the size range.

2000 Swept Anhederal Foil Concept

Tested and flown in 1999, we knew this concept had great potential, however the market at this time was set on C shaped kites.

1999 C2 Constant Curve Leading Edge

Non-segmented leading edge tubes, equals better load distribution, minimizing the possibility of kite failure. Improved aerodynamics and durability.

1999 Dacron tubes and Dacron framework

The tube kite market at this time used mylar/nylon fabric for tubes. Ocean Rodeo was the first to use Dacron tubes kite and Dacron reinforced seams to set a new standard durability.

1998 Pyro Drysuit / captive suspension flex panels

Patent 6715149
Based on 20 years of experience in dive dry suit design and manufacturing, we developed the captive suspension flex panel to deliver improved mobility and fit on loose cut style dry suits.