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Global Sessions

Date / ByHoursLocationWindSwellWeather
Wed, April 16, 2014
1.5Mullaloo Beach, Western AustraliaSW/15-20SW/2{sessionlogs_weather}
Gear: 10m Razor + 6'3" surfboard

Light wind fun (15knots or less) with only 2 of us out. Swell is picking up this time of year and the shorebreak can be a bit challenging. Got launched over a breaking wave close to shore and found myself in backroll - kite loop mode. Big mistake! Luckily the 10m relaunched easily and happy to report no damage to gear or rider. grin

Date / ByHoursLocationWindSwellWeather
Tue, April 15, 2014
2Mullaloo Beach, Western Australia/15-20SW/2{sessionlogs_weather}
Gear: 10m Razor + 6'3" surfboard

Just two of us out in marginal challenging conditions. Nasty shore-break making launch tricky. Nice overhead sets coming through but waves on the inside we're closing out with no way out. Would have been a good time for a foot strap. Glad all the gear survived.

Date / ByHoursLocationWindSwellWeather
Sun, April 13, 2014
2.5Oostvoorne AutostrandNW/20-25SW/1{sessionlogs_weather}
Gear: Razor 8

Eerste sessie. Lekker gevaren; sprongetje en toe-side. Aan het einde erg choppy.

Date / ByHoursLocationWindSwellWeather
Richard Myerscough
Wed, April 09, 2014
.5Cook StreetW/10-15/{sessionlogs_weather}
Gear: 12 prodigy ,...a few boards

Testing boards

Date / ByHoursLocationWindSwellWeather
Sat, April 05, 2014
2.5Mullaloo Beach, Western AustraliaSW/15-20SW/1.5{sessionlogs_weather}
Gear: 10m Razor - 6'3" surfboard

Marginal conditions requiring floatier board. Still had one of the best afternoons as the swell started to pick up. Great fun throwing the 10m around and planing while other were struggling on twin tips and bigger kites.