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Ocean Rodeo Discussions 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z Copyright (c) 2014 ExpressionEngine tag:https:,2014:09:16 low cost kitchens manchester tag:https:,2014:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4579 2014-09-16T16:03:31Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z Ulya low cost kitchens manchester. Thirty Ex Display Kitchens To Clear. http://www.exdisplaykitchens1.co.uk £ 595 Each with appliances.Tel 01616-694785

2014 Razor v’s 2013 Razor tag:https:,2014:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4578 2014-09-13T22:51:05Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z Mario can anyone comment on or compare the 2013 Razor and 2014 Razor in the 10m size particularly. 

Flying characteristics in particular but any info would be great.

I am a new fan of these kites and now have 7m, 8m 2013 and 9m 2014.

2014 Prodigy review and tips? tag:https:,2014:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4576 2014-09-02T07:01:34Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z kirky I Just finished a 7 meter Prodigy session on Keho Lake Alberta. I have been riding razors and switched to Prodigy late this summer. Today is another example of why I think OR will be selling a lot of Prodigy kites. I started on the 9.5 and never got blowin off but really felt the kite loading up and starting to get a bit lofty. I threw on the 7 and .. wow…instant comfort in the meter high waves and gusty 40 to 60 km winds. This kite instills confidence like none other. No surprises with this kite and in the 7m size it is as fast as the razor and sits in the wave pocket perfectly.
Does any one have some tips on how to get the most out of the Prodigy kites ?

Mako King for sale tag:https:,2014:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4570 2014-08-06T01:09:41Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z Chuck For sale is a Mako king with foam core.
Board was damaged, but properly (vac bagged) repaired two years ago and is fine.
I also installed a deckpad.

$299 plus shipping and PP fees.

Board is in Ontario


Salmon Foilboard Fishing tag:https:,2014:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4569 2014-08-05T03:55:40Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z Loscocco Salmon Foilboard Fishing
This weekends accidental kite foil fishing catch of a 19.5 lb 36” long salmon at Sherman Island in the Sacramento river certainly has to be one of the craziest things that has ever happened to me in 10 years of kiting.
I was about a 3/4 of a mile upwind from the Sherman Island launch kiting on my 6m Ocean Rodeo kite and Spotz hydrofoil when I hit something with the foil and went flying off the board. I am used to occasionally hitting fish, logs, seaweed etc on the foil so i didn’t think much of it but knew it wasn’t a sandbar since i was in the middle of the channel. Got back up on my foil and about 20 feet back near where I had just crashed I saw a large fish that was stunned and flopping around. similar to like when i have run into striped bass in the bay. I went to try to pick it up and then i realized that it was a giant salmon. It was hit pretty hard and was def dying.
It was so slippery that the only way to hold it was to put my hand thru the gills while grabbing onto my kite bar. The teeth were tearing into my skin and i was starting to bleed also.
Foiling downwind while holding onto a swinging slimy 20lb weight resulted in several more good wipeouts but i managed to make it most of the way back. In the process of trying to foil in with it near the shore i crashed my kite in the reeds and had to relaunch it out of the reeds while still holding onto the fish.
(The peanut gallery was laughing at me looking like a kook with my kite in the bushes because they couldn’t see the fish…lol)
Finally made it back to the beach and with everyone helping to carry it back to the parking lot got it put on ice in a tub. BTW… whosever keg bucket i ended up with i need to get it back to you… with some fresh salmon Thanks!!
Quite an experience!!

Razor Information needed tag:https:,2014:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4568 2014-08-04T13:48:57Z 2014-08-04T13:50:09Z Mario I am a newbie on this forum. I purchased a second hand 2013 model 8m Razor about two months ago. I must say that I am so impressed with its performance. I have been a North Rebel fan (mostly 5m, 7m, 8m and 10m) for a long time but am so pleased to find a kite that feels alive.

I love the way the 8m flies.

My questions are:

Can anyone comment if the other sizes have similar properties. Fast response, good bottom end and generally fun to fly. Curious about the 10m.

Is there enough of a difference in wind range to warrant owning the 7m? or would the 5m Storm be the next step. I notice that there used to be a 5m Razor but no longer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2013 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 12m tag:https:,2014:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4567 2014-08-01T23:56:52Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z DarthRevarder Like new Prodigy. Bought new in 2014, only use a handful of times. Blue comes with freeride bar, bag, pump. No problems with it, small small patch in canopy smaller than the end of a pen cap. Located in Michigan, looking for $850. Willing to ship.

Direct Depower with single line flagging? tag:https:,2014:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4566 2014-07-29T21:11:07Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z Slappy Does anyone have any experience using a single line flagging bar with any of the OR Direct Depower bridaled kites?

2013 8m RAZOR NEW tag:https:,2014:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4565 2014-07-27T12:21:07Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z jespin4845 Brand new 8m razor, green color, never used or pumped up, $650, free shipping in continental usa

javier dot e dot espinosa dot jr at gmail dot com

2011 Razor 8m problem tag:https:,2014:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4560 2014-07-04T15:22:27Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z Pete I have been using the Razors for the last 4 years, very familiar with them. I recently bought a 2011 used 8m Razor. In gusty winds it will fold in the wing tips and excessively luff when really loaded up. I am 210 lbs. and kite in the Gorge. I pump my small kites to 8.2 psi. It acts like it is underinflated but is not. Thinking about going to 9 psi. It steers in a balanced manner and is fine except in gusty really powered up conditions. I had another 2011 8m Razor that didn’t do this. Going to measure bridle segments and compare to a friends 8m 2011. Looking for advice on what to look for and were there any bridle issue with some of the 2011’s? Thanks for any help!