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Ocean Rodeo Discussions 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z Copyright (c) 2014 ExpressionEngine tag:https:,2014:10:03 Surf Drysuit? tag:https:,2014:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4584 2014-10-02T00:02:08Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z george Hello OR. Just wondering is there any word on a new drysuit with a hood, for surfing? I missed the boat with the predator, and was hoping a newer, improved suit was in the works soon. If not, that info would be very helpful also, so I can look at other options.
Thanks very much.

Getting wet in the soul drysuit tag:https:,2014:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4498 2014-04-23T15:23:09Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z eastcoastcarve I expect to have a bit of moister in my suit when I am done but I feel like I constantly and completely damp in my suit. I am currently wearing technical long sleeve shirt and pants under my drysuit but every time I take it off I feel completely damp. The ankle neck and wrist seals seem to be fine but it is always the same.

Any thoughts?

Using Soul Drysuit with Reel Leash tag:https:,2013:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4383 2013-11-25T05:10:27Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z RichD Hello folks
Anyone know if its possible to use an Oceanic reel leash attached to a harness when wearing the Soul drysuit ?

Soul Drysuit: Nice job guys tag:https:,2013:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4381 2013-11-23T17:36:31Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z Kirk I just got my drysuit in the door yesterday and tried it on. If fits like it was custom tailored to my body. Also the details and build quality are top notch.
Tomorrow there is wind and I am going to test it on the water. It is simply amazing to see how much OR dry suits have evolved since my Pyro Pro from 2006!


soul suit tag:https:,2013:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4329 2013-09-03T05:42:45Z 2013-09-03T14:59:42Z BOSSSTYLE Hi guys,

Can you tell me does the over jacket built into the suit stop the wind for penetrating through on the soul. Currently have the pyro pro.  It’s a good suit and done me well but the wind penetrates it and soon makes you cold when you come off the water and stand and talk to others for a bit or while having lunch. Does the jacket prevent this and wind proof?

Also I noticed a guy asking about suit size. I’m 6ft1” and the large pyro pro fits pretty well. I’m between 80 and 85 kgs. Broad shoulders but slim waist. 
What size should I go for?

Also what colours are coming in this suit for this years?

The Soul is also now available with integrated soft socks? tag:https:,2013:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4309 2013-08-14T12:58:38Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z Slappy So are there any more details about the soft sock option for the soul?
I don’t see any info on the web site yet. Are the soft socks sized in shoe sizes or just one size fits all?

OR Soul sizing for broad shoulders. tag:https:,2013:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4178 2013-03-22T20:58:18Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z SpinDrift I recently bought a size L Ocean Rodeo Soul from an online retailer and I have a few size questions. The online retailer only offers the standard sizes (S,M, L, XL). I’m 6’ with 34” waist, but quite broad shouldered and I’m having a really hard time getting in and especially out of the zip, even in just a t-shirt. Also the guidelines inside the suit advise wearing a suitable floatation vest, but there’s no chance of me getting the drysuit on or off if I’m wearing my usual impact vest.

Since buying the suit I have discovered from reading this forum that ‘K’ sizes are available (although not available online from the retailer I ordered from) which offer a larger zip size, but I don’t want the suit to be unnecessarily baggy in case I need to swim in it. Without an impact vest the suit fits well once my shoulders are in. I’ve only tried the suit on at home so I’m thinking of swapping it, would the XL size offer greater ease of entry and exit (as I’m 6’) and allow for a vest to be warn under, or would a K size be the only option to get the larger zip size?

Surely the larger zip would make sense on all the size L and up sizes?!

Seeing the pros and cons of the surf dry tag:https:,2013:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4160 2013-03-02T06:42:36Z 2013-03-02T07:45:56Z Brian Woltz This is a note I emailed to Ned over at Ocean Rodeo.  I promised some feedback on the suit after a season in it because it helps all of us who choose to go down the road less traveled and make the switch, also he was plenty patient as my kids ripped the showroom apart.  Here is the review as compared to my wetsuits that I recently tried again.

“Hey ned it’s been most of the season now and I’ve had plenty of sessions in the drysuit and I knew that I promised feedback.  I also saw that there is a new generation of suit coming in the fall so my feedback might not be too useful.

Until recently, I was interested but not completely sold.  Then I surfed my wetsuit on two occassions with a session in the dry between.  Now I’m sold but know there is work to be done.
Hood-maybe the best in the business.  The thiner hood keeps head compression to a minimum, I’m able to pull it on or off while lying prone and paddling. The thickness seems plenty. I lost the shock cord in the trim and now the hood flushes so I’m hunting for a replacement cord but otherwise, hands down the best hood ever.
cuffs- actually quite good but do get pushed up and/or flush into gloves when putting a hand into the face.  Maybe a less flexible cuff layer sewn in?
back zip- hard to get the outer skin zipped over the drysuit and another zip in the back to add to the back zip in the underlayer the dryzip then this one.  Both weight and inflexibility that negatively impacts the suit.  Maybe a zipperless undergarment and the outer skin a chest zip to have the bulk distributed around.  Also the chest zip would eliminate the need to have the “break” in the suit at the abdominal region and maybe eliminate the shoulder straps by just having the top come over at the chest zip.
ankle zips-no problems yet but the velcro is starting to wear and the zips have opened during wipeouts a couple times.  I suspect that this might be an area that causes product breakdown sooner than we’d wish.  ?may just be unnecessary and may just streamline the design and help bridge the gap with looks and image that it may take to sell a product like this to image concious surf culture.  They do the trick though.
flex-while I can see that attention has been made to making sure that the paddle position is free from flex issues, the surfing position has been sacrificed.  The suit is more free to paddle but lacks the ability to forward flex the spine and the upper back bulk does change the feel of arm movement when turning.
Skin - it is time consuming and a bit tough to get into and the skin does get hung up on the drysuit but the 2 parts is not a huge deal.  I like that it’s compressing the suit.  I bet it would be awesome with a next gen neoprene with more flex and since there is no reliance on this part for warmth why not get a material that absorbs even less water.  Either a thinner neoprene or one of the hydrophobic ones.  Maybe neoprene isn’t even the right material?
Surf public perception- I’ve had tons of questions from other surfers and friends.  Luxurious is the most interesting comment.  Consistently there is a major misconception about the bouyancy, I’m not sure it’s less, at least not in feel but that may be due to the added bouyancy of the skin.  It’s certainly not more.  The inability to flex forward at the upper back though makes duckdives a bit tougher.  The packing effect we see in wetties, ie they suck after one season, is eliminated.  But nobody knows that there is no packing effect to the suit.  All the warmth is the layering so I figure the public would do well to know that the suit they bought will stay the same warmth for years (now the upfront cost seems not so bad if it lasts 2-3 times or more longer than the wettie that cost half as much.  Repairability is not even thought about but suit outshines a wetsuit 10-1.  We all rip our suits in a wash though the local muscle covered rocks.
So as I said Ned.  2 surfs back in the wetsuit has shown me clearly what I love and what needs a tweak.  But the lack of bone chilling flushes into my suit, is something I’ll never miss.  I’m pro surf dry and fully sold.  Your team has the right idea for cold water surf and the fact that I can stay warm for a solid 3 hours in the water when it’s 8 degrees says something (only the one undergarment).
Hopefully something I’ve said will be helpful.

How To: dry suit seal replacement tag:https:,2013:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4133 2013-01-25T23:28:21Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z windjunky I’m in the process of replacing my wrist and neck seals. I have found a couple of links that have been pretty useful.
There are 2 types of neck seals that you can get. One has the glue already attached and the other has the glue come separately. If you get the second one, follow this video on how to attach the glue to the seal before trying to attach the seal to the suit.
1.  Applying neck seal adhesive

Once you have the dry adhesive glue on the seal, then follow this web page. It has some great pictures.
2. Applying the neck seal

Things of note:
- Get a heat gun because it works much better then a hair dryer
- The neck seal with the glue is going to be smaller then the neck opening on your suit. So it will have to stretch the seal/glue as you heat it up.
- The dry adhesive glue is great because once it cools down, you can always heat it back up if you don’t like what you did.
- Replacing wrist seals is easy. Replacing neck seal is hard. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

SOUL DRYSUIT for women? tag:https:,2012:/www.oceanrodeo.com/forums/viewthread/.4107 2012-12-27T09:03:51Z 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z sandeepula Hi - I’m considering buying a SOUL drysuit but would like to here from other women how the fit is.