Ocean Rodeo Gear Swap Rules and Guidelines -> PLEASE READ


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Crew! This forum is set-up to allow the community of riders to communicate and exchange their used gear. Please observe these simple rules!

- Advertisers, please provide as much information about the gear as possible: age, condition, known issues, price (inc. currency) and current location are all good ideas.
- Buyers, please avoid posting any personal information such as credit card details, etc. Use the personal messenger to exchange phone numbers and seal the deal on the phone!
- Everyone, this forum simply facilitates the exchange of information and in no way makes representations as to the condition of any of the gear presented by Ocean Rodeo riders on this forum!

If you wish to post pictures of the gear you will need to get the photos online first and then link to them here. Please see the sticky under the “General Chat” forum on just how to do this.

Thanks for riding Ocean Rodeo!


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