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:D Hello all,Lets have a Happy New Year 2008.I have to note with all the large storms we have been having,that kiters are able to go out on the water more now,with the advent of the new designs. :shock: But it seems that some are not making the right choice,when it comes to kite size.Kiter’s here,are trying to go out with to large a kite for the conditions. :? most of the small kites are 6 meter and 7 meter 8 meter sizes.When they should be 4 meter 5 or 6 meter.Granted we are getting unusually high winds of late.Riders are still not riding small enough kites.They are not used to the strength of this onslaught of storm force wind.And seem unable to judge what size kite to use.Every kiter needs a team to get him out and back safely in these conditions.I would like to see more 4 and six meter kites being used by local riders.Definitely smaller is better,in situations where a storm wind is concerned. :oops: I think everyone would agree.For everyones sake. LOLI have just ordered a 5 meter. :wink: The Ocean Rodeo Rise 4 meter looks sweeeeeeeeet. :D


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Thanks Cannon Ball…we love you my man!


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id better stop taking my 10 rise out in 30-35 then rolleyes


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When to and not to

:D….... Great that all these new kites have such a huge range…......Still…....It pay’s to play it safe…....And rig safe…....... LOL