Anyone ridden the Zen 135 WIDE???

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Looking for some reviews, comments or comparisions from people who have ridden the Zen 135x44cm wide version. There doesn’t seem to be any info about the WIDE version anywhere.


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I demo’d this board for 30 days thanks to JZ.
I discovered that the Zen wide is a great all around design, with as good a low end to it as the mako wide or the mako surf but at only 135 long.
I knew it was going to compete with my new mako wide for similar conditions, so I gave it back after the demo.
The Zen impressed me with its smooth ride, ability to point high easily,
fantastic rail to rail transitions and carve ability and how easy it is to dial up the amount of energy you can throw into a power stroke when you load and pop. Landings are super smooth because of this wood core flex too.
I love this board, its one of my favorites and its capable of going into some really big winds, making it a great choice for a one board quiver.