Estimated delivery time for recent order?

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Just curious if I order a 9m One (for nuclear winds)  to go with my 12 is there any delay right now in delivering orders? Can I expect to recieve it within 10days or so after placing it?

Also John I emailed and PM’d you about likely delivery time of One bar upgrade as I got one of the first bars with my 12m. That was a couple weeks ago, No reply???  Did I miss something?



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Hi Doug,

Your re-fit parts shipped to the Calgary address last week - sorry for the delay.

Our One kite shipments are sold out into May, with a shipment due here around the 2nd to 3rd week of May that we are still taking orders to fill. The shipment that is here now as well as the one that is due here in about 2 week’s time are both sold out.