Speed Inflation System

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I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Rise 14, but am a bit concerned about the “speed inflation System”

I did a lesson today with a student who had a GK kite with a one pump inflation system that looked very similar to the OR system,....problem was he had a leak in the main bladder, and we ended up using my 12m One.

The process of removing and re-installing the main bladder with all those extra hoses seems quite daunting. Has anyone had to do it?

I’m a big fan of the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, and “keep it simple stupid”, especially here in the Caribbean where getting replacement parts can take a while.

So is the removal and replacement of the main bladder as big a pain as I imagine it to be, and if so, could there be an optional no speed pump system for kites?



If it doesn’t blow it sucks!


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Hey Derek,

I did not find it easy at all!  Lining up all those valves perfectly and then making sure the bladder isn’t bunched or twisted took quite while and was pretty frustrating in my case.  Perhaps others have done better.

This may have been recommended already but a few ‘pre’ beers might relieve some of the pain of the operation if its a first time, but i’m sure it would be mostly a breeze second time round - god forbid!

Bottom line for me; i still believe the pros outweigh the cons - especially on snow and when you can’t rig up out of the wind.

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I have done some bldder changes in quite a few kites.One pump or not it takes its time .It is true you have to look for the valves once you have put the bladder in again but thats not a big deal.Of course is faster if you do it with someone helping.