coldfire gear sizing help!

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I desperately want to get some of the coldfire gear to take advantage of the way early spring weather but I’m right between all the sizes! Gasp.

I usually wear 12.5 shoes which is right between the 12 and 13.  For gloves I’m either L or XL.  And for head gear, L or XL. Sigh…

Could I beg some users of these sizes to advise me?

For the shoes, I think I want them snug as opposed to sloppy.  So, I think 12 unless someone tells me they run small?

For the gloves, if I measure around my hand at the nuckles, its 8.5 inches.  My birdy finger seems 3.5 inches long from tip to the skin between fingers.  Any body can tell me if this is good for L or XL?

For Head, my head is 60cm around.  L or XL?

Any help greatly appreciated!