2008 Rise Bridle Length Measurements


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Guys, some of you who have been flying your Rise kites now for a little while have asked that I post here the bridle measurements so that you can be sure your kite is tuned exactly the way we shipped it to you.

Below is a measurement chart for each size of kite, starting at 6. 2 things to note when measuring the bridle:

1) Be sure to remove the bridle from the kite and disasseble it. Peg each part off and pull tight to measure the length loop tip to loop tip.
2) Do one side, then the other so that you can reference one side as you reassemble the other (assembly is simple, start at A in the middle and move out to the edge going up the alphabet, but still…do one at a time for simplicity)

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Readers might also be interested in this thread discussing the E2 bridle having a tendancy to stretch.

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