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OR crew pretty quiet on this one - either no-one else cares much about a light-wind, or maybe Ross is working on it.

Any know how much a 14m Rise weighs, and windspeed required to water relaunch it ?

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Medium and high-wind kites get a lot of of attention, but maybe there’s some interest in improvements for low-wind performance.

Here’s a question I would like Ross H. to comment on - Are there low-wind performance benefits, particularly for bigger kites, that out-weigh ( pun - details below ) the convenience benefits of One-pump ?

When I compare the low-wind stability of my ‘06 12m One to my friend’s ‘07 12m One ( with one-pump ), in lulls and with the kites sheeted out, the ‘07 One seems noticeably more prone to nose-dive / Hindenburg, or forward stall.

Could this difference be due to the added weight and forward shift of the ‘07’s kites centre of gravity from the One-pump parts ? Does One-pump reduce the stability of a kite in lulls ?

How much weight, as a % of the kite’s weight, does One-pump add, and how far does that weight move the c-o-g forward ?

I will likely replace my 12 One ( and 15m Flysurfer Titan ) with a 14m Rise, but wonder if light-wind design improvements are in the works. With 5 struts, the One-pump parts ( and now neoprene covers too ) should have less effect than on the 7-strut One, but would there be noticeable benefits ( stability in lulls, lower minimum wind-speed water relaunch, faster turning from reducing the second moment of inertia ) if the One-pump was removed ?

Any plans on a light-wind version of the Rise 14, without One-pump, or other light-wind design improvements ?

What does the OR Crew want ? Anyone else out there thinking about this ?


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I had an 06 one and tried a 07 One I find that it was quite dificult to get the same amount of air presure into the struts on the o7 that I could get on the 06, I think the soft struts would affect the flight of the one.  Just my thought I’m no engineer.



Kiting is great can’t wait to retire so I can do it full time.  Bring on the wind.

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Hey Greg nice to meet you at the windfest, just spotted this posting so its probably of no interest now, but for your info, Both Richard and I fly 14mtr rises, me on a 158 twin tip and Rich on his foil,
I need about 12mph to go upwind and Rich only 8mph and he has no problem relaunching, just needs a hefty tug on the front lines, but the beauty of this kite over all my other big kites is its turning speed, my old 06 16 would just refuse to turn then back stall but no such problems with the rise it just flips back the other way so you can keep plenty of wind across the canopy,
I would never buy anything bigger now,
Hope this is of interest,