Gorge this weekend?

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I am going to be in the Gorge/PDX area this weekend and hope to get out and ride at least one day. Any suggestions on where to try? I was thinking of just trying around Hood River on Fri but was wondering if anybody had any local knowledge or suggestions. Good to be back in the NW!



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Dave, you should contact Bryan Saleeba… his user name on this forum is sals3764.

He would be a good source of local knowledge - PM him!



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hey dave, looks be be a nice weekend in the gorge. still a bit early to forecast the wind but i’m sure there will be some good days this weekend for sure. i typically ride stevenson, the hood river sandbar or the lyle sandspit (15min drive east from sandbar on washington side) on westerlies. if it should be east this weekend stevenson or rooster rock, which are both closer to portland, are your best bet.

as the weekend gets closer i should have a better idea as to where we will be at and your welcome to join us,