Rise question—leash to a front line?

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Hi All—

UPS just dropped off my first Rise (with OR bar) ? also my first 4-line LEI ? and I have a question:  how do you flag the kite off the leash?  One of the front lines has a webbing tab that you could grab with your hand, but I don?t see a way to clip my leash to it.

I understand that the trim line leash is the way to go for riding, and that system looks really clean and functional.  It seems to me that if I need to self-land in gusty winds once on shore (or land to an assistant) I would be better off switching the leash attachment to the flagging line in case things go bad.  Am I wrong about this?  Is there an easy way to modify the tab so the leash can clip into it?

Thanks for any help ? I learned on ARCs and foils and am still really new to LEIs.


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I add a strap to this handle to my harness , I did the same on my rise and one. If the wind is on the light side , I simply leash on the trim line.


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i leash to the trim on my 10 even when its nuking, and i ride my 10 when others are on 8s and 7s raspberry


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My recommendation is to leash off the trim line. It’s a very clean set up and it offers plenty of depower. That being said, if you find that you are self rescuing and wish to further depower the kite, pull yourself up to the grab tab via the middle lines. You can then flag the kite off of a single front line.




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AGK I was confused at first too. I have a 12m one and have dropped my kite st8 downwind in 25-28kts and let go of the bar. Completly depowered it. The only time Ive had to flag the kite by pulling the cetnre line is self rescue. First I release and my safety is off the trim line, then I simply grab the centre line and pull it towards me and reconnect the safety. Ive had to come in once when winds where 35kts + and had no problems getting the kite to depower by sheeting out the bar, so I have great confidence that full depower will be full depower!


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Andy! - Welcome to the Crew! Thanks for purchasing the Rise, I expect you will love the kite.

Regarding the leash and self landings and etc, I would advise leashing off the end of the trim line. If you then activate the safety the kite will all but be 100% de-powered. There will still be a very small amount of power left but you will be fine.

As Evan says, if self rescuing it is easier to use the oh sh!t handle on the 1 front line as it will allow you to wrap the front line up enough to make the rest of the line wrap up both safe and easy as you work your way to the kite.

Finally, regarding self landing, I was out in over 20 knots on Tuesday and had to come in alone. I simply flew into the beach, sent the kite back out over the water and held it low on the edge of the window and activated the safety. With the kite at the edge of the window and the safety activated the kite just sat inert and I was able to wrap my lines up enough to bring the kite safely into shore and flip it nose down on the beach. I then simpy re-ran my lines out on the beach in order to re-set the safefy and wrap the lines clean for my next session.