Mexico last two weeks november

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Any tips, Pacific or Caribean, got some friends wanting to go too mexico, they were thinking of Cancun area, where the wind, would need all inclusive area and some night life.



Kiting is great can’t wait to retire so I can do it full time.  Bring on the wind.


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Forget the Pacific unless the ONLY thing you are going for is cold water kiting. If you want culture, more than one restaurant and stuff to do other than kite and then sit around look to go to either Tulum or Cozumel.

Tulum is 1.5 hours from Cancun and features nice kiting on S, W and E winds with excellent restaurants and some local ruins as well as a local bio reserve. Contact Marco at extreme control for more info.

Cozumel is an island off the coast of Cancun that picks up all directions of wind (including the stronger N winds) and has some really nice culture to it. Contact Adrian at kite cozumel for more info.

You could even consider splitting the time between the two, there is a ferry trip to Cozumel from Playa Del Carmen which is half way between Cancun and Tulum.

I love Mexico, just love it and this is an excellent area of the country.