2008 Zen For Sale

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For sale my red 2008 Zen 129x39cm ‘Freestyle’ board.

This board had a very slight de-lamination in one corner that I have repaired with some epoxy glue. The repair is only noticable to the trained eye. Apart from a minor chip on the underside the board is in show room condition as I have looked after it with kid’s gloves. Anyone who ever had a go on it did so on pain of death if they rode it up the beach :!:

I’m looking for £200.00 plus postage and packing. I’ll consider shipping world wide. The board will ship in original packaging.

Any interested crew members please pm me. Photos available on request but they’re really no different to what appears on our website.

This was a great board for me at 64 kilos. Getting me up and riding easily upwind in under 15 knots on my 10m Rise.

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