Going for a Rise 12m (doubt with bar)

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Hi, I´ve contacted Evan at kiteforum and asked about the low end of the 10m and 12m with my weight (65kg - 145lbs). I mainly use a 138x40 board.

I´m used with bows, I own a Turbo2 9m now and can ride upwind in 15knots struggling a little bit. The problem is that where I live we have 50% of the time 10-16 knots! And only about 30% 17-25knots.  I stay out of the water A LOT, I know.

My doubt is with the OR bar, is there a way I can use the bar with my SS Turbo2? Has anyone heard or tried that? Because the T2 bar doesnt have the below the bar safety, and Im starting to throw handlepasses and its REALLY annoying when I miss them that more than 50% of the times I cannot relauch it.

Am I building a Frankenstein or is it feasible?

Thanks in advance!