Attachment Point Pigtails


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It has come to our attention that some kites have shipped with their pigtails attached in a manner which puts a cutting force on the pigtail attachment point and which can lead to that point possibly failing.

Ocean Rodeo suggests you change your pigtail attachments from the “Bad” example shown to the “Good” example shown if your kite shipped with this setup.



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I found on all my kites pigtail attachments like on your Bad example.
I changed it now..Thanx .
What about attachment points on 09 Rises, are there different caracteristic like on 08mod.?
For example: 08mod. factory setting is like on 09mod. school setting..

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I’m quite sure I need to inspect my 2007 16m RISE.

After staring at the 2 pictures for a minute…

I can see that the pigtail should not have to be removed to be corrected,

as you merely want the ‘loop’ of the pigtail to ‘cinch’ upon itself, and not upon the kite’s mounting point.

Simply loosen the pigtail and pull the ‘loop’ down a bit, and tighten, as it appears in the second ‘correct’ picture