Advantages with the 2009 Rise kites?

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I dont here anybody talking about the 2009 kites. What are the advantages with the 2009 rise kites? I debateing to build my quiever of 2008 or buy a new 10m 2009.

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I’ve been talking about them :!:

I put something on a few weeks back. Check it out dude :D

I have the ‘08 10m - love it smile

The Rise kite is AWESOME no matter what year you go for just ensure that with the ‘07 you have the ‘08 bridle mod fitted. The vents on the ‘08 and ‘09 also improve the low end as well as reduce back stalling.

I’m 64 kilos and seriously thinking about getting the ‘09 Rise 8m as I was very impressed with it’s low end not to mention the higher end when I demo’d it at Nitinat.

I too have some decisions to make LOL




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