2009 Rise wind Range


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Any one know the wind range for the new 2009 Rise and those wind range are estimated usin what rider weight and with what board size?
I weight 185 to 190 lbs and want to buy a new rise, but I am not sure which size I should buy?
The wind condition here in PR, average 14 - 18 mph, but as low as 11 mph and as high as 30+ mph
I was thinking in a 8 -12 rise quiver.


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I think 8-12 is the way to go. The 12 will be give you good power for the 14-18 mph range (down to 12 mph probably) and then you can use the 8 in 20+ mph. They both have great low, mid, and high ends! You could probably get away with the 10-14 combo but no need. Have fun…


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I have the ‘09 8,10, 14 and still have my ‘08 12. If you’re seeing more kiting in the 10-15 range I would go with the 10 and 14. 30mph is pushing the 10 to it’s limits but you could certainly use it up to that. The other idea would be a light air board, maybe a surfboard, and your regular board then go with the 8 and 12. I love my new Rise’s (as I did the ‘08) but even more. You won’t go wrong with either combo. Happy kiting!