PyroPro and flotation/impact jacket?

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My Pro should be with me soon….. isit ok to wear an impact vest Over the suit or should it be under?

Many thanks :D

Oh…. I NEED some crash protection over my chest.


16m one, session harness and a pyro pro equipped….. 9 on the way soon!


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Lots of riders wear impact / floatation vests on the outside of the Pyro drysuits (this is the recommended practice), however we?ve had no reports of anyone wearing them inside the dry suit. Wearing the vest on the inside should be fine, providing the vest isn?t too bulky. (could result in loss of mobility if the suit gets too tight).

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impact Vests

I’ve been wearing my impact vest(Oneill Vapor) under my Pyro.  No problems with extra bulk and it adds to the warmth.  One layer of microfleece and the vest works fine down to 4 degrees beach temp for me.  Don’t forget your OR Neoprene touque and dry gloves at those temps.

Cheers, Trev

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The idea of the impact vests

Now the Impact vests that I have seen have been very porous to dissipate water and thus impact energy (on impact :shock: ). So if you wear it under the suit at least that part won’t work!
Maybe they have redefined Impact vest since I last saw one?

Mads S

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If you wear it over the suite, it will give the suite more protection in an impact :wink: