10 Meter and 12 Meter 2008 Rise Venturi and 50cm Bar $1300 for package


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All 2008 gear, I got it all in July as a mid-season upgrade so it is only about 3 months old. 

10 meter, got it in July, flown perhaps 8 times, perfect, like new condition.

12 meter, got it in July, flown 15+ time, very good condition except it has one small scrape where it fell out of the back of my car and scraped on the road, it is fixed with gluefix, is the size of a dime and is hardly visible and not in a high stress area, a complete non-issue really.

(1) 50CM bar.  Bar is in good condition.  The main lines are very clean, the center/chicken loop line could use replacing another 10+ rides.  The chicken loop is brand new as of one month ago.

The only reason I’m selling is I’m a rep and I’m upgrading to 2009 gear now.

I’m looking to sell the whole package as I only have the one bar, $1300 dollars is about 1/2 retail for this gear and the gear is only 3 months old.

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