slow turning One 12m?

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Rode my new 12m One three days in Hatteras. Blew out the connector second ride but that’s fine with me, just reached up and reset it like a Crossbow. I felt the kite turned really slow, much slower than I like. even in 20-24 mph winds. I don’t really want to spend my session ‘pumping’ and ‘sheeting’ a kite, when I find so many of the other bows lock-and-load types in those winds. I think the 12 is a really slow turning kite. any noticeable speed to be gained by shortening the lines? (dropping the 3m extensions) how much of a power loss? I would have tried it but on the last day I was on my 7m Switchie!! yeah, baby :twisted:  I was riding 3rd knot up on the front and the only knot on the back (not counting the safety knots)


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check out my comments in the ’ two questions ’ post


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