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Can anyone give any tips on doing this with rises… i moved from riding foils / flysurfer kite for the past 4 years to ocean rodeos absolutely amazing kites… the only thing i miss is being able to self launch and land sooo sooo easily with my foils. Can anyone make a video or give a good talk / diagram through of the best way of self launching or landing a rise? Would be very useful smile

Also… this Zen Wide is blowing my mind… the best board i’ve ever ridden, i thought my spleene was nice, this thing completely blows it out of the water (no pun)


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Self launch
Extract of urine.
Lay lines down wind.
Leave the minimum sand you can get away with on the kite.
Slowly walk round the window gently pivoting the kite so it starts catching some wind
With your back to the wind . If the kite is on your left pull in some right rear line.
Carry on walking round the window until the wing tip lifts, then treat it as a water re launch.
Landing Safest way is to leash onto a front line but this is a pain for tangling the bar.
Fly the kite to the edge of the window check which front line is furthest from the ground. i.e. if the kite is on the left the right front line will be needed.
When the kite is 1 to 2 m from the ground let go of the bar and pull in the said front line and keep pulling until the kite sits down.
This needs a bit of practice and I have only given a very basic method.
In strong winds an assistant is always recommended

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Watch this video “Self launch your RISE” by JL

I have used this method many times with success, however, be cautious because sometimes it can go awry if the wind is gusty. Have a back-up plan just in case!


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Self launch
Extract of urine

He means easy or for the un-educated a piece of piss!



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