2007 Rogue Wave Custom TT


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I’m selling my almost new Rogue Wave twintip. I had it custom made last summer (July 2007) by Lee Britain. It is 127 X 38.5 with a 8.75” tip/tail, color is Red. It has a concave bottom for a smoother ride. It has seen around 14 days on the water and is in near perfect shape except for a few scratches in the paint on the heel side edge.

Comes with Dakine X-Lace straps and pads which are the best! And Jimmy Lewis 1.25” fins and grab handle.

A brand new board from Lee costs around $700 complete.

$450 OBO

edwardhaynes (at) yahoo.com

I’m also willing to trade the board. Maybe a 6m or 10m Rise or Diablo 12m. Something like that.

Board is located on US East Coast (MA)

Other pictures can be found at Rogue Wave