2009 Kite Line Deflector Modification - Please Read


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Kids, it has come to our attention that on some 2009 Rise kites the Line Deflectors that are sewn from the end of the struts to the kite’s trailing edge have been sewn too tight.

If sewn too tight this elastic band pinches the trailing edge of the kite much like a leech line. This will cause the kite to back fly and feel horrible! (We make nice kites, honest!)

Because these line deflectors are essentially useless on all but the wing tip strut ends we have decided to remove them from all future production runs of Ocean Rodeo kites. Those of you who have received 2009 kites should do so as well.

Simply, take a pair of scissors and cut the elastics off the kite. Leave the 2 on the far wing tips in place (they come off the tip of the LE which wraps around to the trailing edge). However, even these 2 - on each wing tip - should be stretched by hand so as to ensure they are not pulling on the kite canopy at all.

Here’s a photo of the offending line deflector so you all know what I am talking about.

John Z - OR