2009 Rise Strut Replacement

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Just got my new 2009 quiver (12m, 8m) and took it out to La Ventana. One strut on my 12m blew out the first time I took it out, was able to patch it, but now that I’m back home I want to replace it to be on the safe side.
Anyone knows where or how to get strut replacements?

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Contact your retailer first. If that doesn’t work then contact OR, their number is on the website. Just remember that it is the holidays so getting a speedy reply is unlikely.


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You can also try Bellingham Kiteboarding.
The web link is in my signature, and the shop manager, Andrew Olive is very helpfull.

Here is a close-up picture of his beard.

Kinda funky ain’t it.
(He’s addicted to kitesurfing for sure man.)


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careful with that picture there are some folks here im sure have spent some time in jail….bahahaha


I love to Kiteboard