2009 Line Breaking Strenght


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What is the breaking strength on the new lines?
I want to buy extensions to get 30m long lines.  This is a good idea or the 09 Rise fly better with the stock line length?


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I think the 09 lines are 650 lbs…pretty damn strong. As with any set of lines, just watch how they wear over time and you should be fine.

The 30 m lines seem excessive to me and are not necessary w/ the Rise (or any kite in my opinion). I ride w/o any extensions and feel the stock 21m lines and kite deliver a great deal of power w/o sacrificing turning speed or kite feel.



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The 09 lines are 850lbs. I tried the 09 bar on my 08 10m and it felt soooooo direct and responsive, apparently a lot less stretch than the 2008 lines.
The lines are as thin or thinner.
If you want to make 9m extensions maybe check if you can get 2 more sets of 09 extensions with OR sales.