OR One depower cleat


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I have had the unfortunate experience of having the depower line pull through the depower cleat on the punch up bar, causing for a difficult to hold onto kite.  After a refreshing swim I solved this problem from occuring again by placing a stopper ball on the depower line above the knot (actually over the knot).  This also gives a little something extra to grab onto when setting the trim.

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good call…. I will do this with mine.

Strong winds and wet gloves can make depowering a slippy experience!!


16m one, session harness and a pyro pro equipped….. 9 on the way soon!


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That is a great idea…I will see if there are any concerns on our part and look to have that incorperated into future shipments of the One bars.

Sorry to hear about your swim.

John Z :evil: