Pyro Lite for sailing?


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hi, im trying to work out the difference between the other two suits and the pyro lite. from the pics it looks to be made of a different material i have never seen before..

is it still a full drysuit as you would expect? would it be fine for using for winter dinghy sailing?


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Harry it all depends on what you sail. Sitty out boats like laser need good butt and knee protection were as the int 14 is more like kite surfing with harnesses. All said you are often on your knees in a boat which is not the case with a kite.


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Harry - the Pyro lite is a drysuit very much like the Pyro Pro ( don’t think they make the origninal Pyro anymore ) except that it has fewer panels and extra re-informcements than the Pyro Pro.

I think Richard is on the mark with the key issue - abrasion resistance & durability for dinghy sailing - you would likely need another layer on top of the suit to protect it from the boat & rigging.


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I’d always underestimated the Pyro Lite until I tried one last year as I’d sold my own Pyro Pro. It’s a really comfy and flexible suit and as warm as the Pyro Pro. It’s made from the same 200 denier nylon that makes up the majority of the Pyro Pro but lacks the breathability and butt and knee reinforcement of the more expensive suit. Being of a simpler panel layout it lacks some of the style of the Pro but it’s still way more stylish than your average dingy suit.

To address the potential wear issues a cheap pair of kite pants would do the job although I doubt you’d need them as the suit is designed to take the abrasion of a harness and of course the occasional drag up the beach.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed.