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I know this has been asked before, but I wanted to throw it out there with with my specifics.  From reviews out there, it sounds like the Rise is the right kite for me but there just isn’t anywhere to demo the kites around here (though I will be in Maui in May - OR, are there any dealers there that would let me demo the kites?).  I’m planning to buy 2 Rises this year.  I’m 6’0”, 180 lbs, lower level intermediate.  Just getting backrolls down, love throwing big air (which at this point are in the 20’ range).  I live in UT and consequently ride inland lakes in the summer and snow in winter, both of which tend to be gusty.  I currently have a 7/11/15 quiver of 2007 Waroos and ride an ‘07 FLX 138.  I have ‘07 50cm and 60cm OR SLE bars.  I use the 11 and 15 kites about an even amount and rarely get to use the 7 here.  I’ve read the recommendations out there saying a 12/8 quiver is right for my size, but I’m a little antsy about taking my big kite from a 15 down to a 12.  I actually really like my 15.  I like that I can just park it in low winds and that it gives huge glidey jumps when the wind is 15-18 mph.  I like to be well powered and would prefer a slightly slower kite to one that I need to work up and down constantly to generate power.  I’m leaning towards the 14/10 combo, and keeping my existing 7 for the few days I need it.  I’m thinking the 14 rise will probably be a lot quicker than my 15 waroo and give a better bottom end.  Given my preference to be juiced and that I already have a 7m I’m willing to keep, what is the right combo, 14/10 or 12/8?  Any and all comments appreciated.


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If you are using your 15 a lot then even though the 12 rise has a fantastic bottom end it is going to struggle. I would look at the 14, 10 and if you can pick up a second hand 12 at some point that would be spot on


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I would go with the 10/14 combo, and then down the road replace the 7m with the 8m Rise.  The 10m will probably be your go-to kite so you don’t want to miss out on that one trying to cover a wind range.  You’ll find the 14m Rise to be quite a bit more powerful than the 15 Waroo (the 12m is comparable).




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Agreed…go with the 14/10 if you are willing to still use your 7. I think the 12/8 would work fine and allow you to have a 2 kite quiver. The 12 really does have a great low end.

I live near Maui but won’t be there in May…otherwise you could try my Rises.