depower too much on the One?

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I am curious about depowering too much on the One and having the kite invert or hindenburg. To avoid this I assume you pump up the lei real hard and not depower an obscene amount. Any other suggestions or things to watch for? Has anyone had this happen yet? Thanks.


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Hi Dave,

I have a 12m One and yes like all flat kites they can invert. Being the nerd that I am I practiced inverting it and reverting it a few times when I fisrt got it to figure out how to do it so it wouldn’t be a drama if it happened without me expecting it (after hearing the horror stories) . If your backlines get too slack it can and will invert on occasion, but if you get in the habit of not letting your back lines get too slack it’s no problem and is unlikely to happen, hence always keep a tiny bit of backpressure and it’s a sweet kite.

I have had this thing out in gusts over 40mph and it behaves well, but to be honest it wasn’t a lot of fun (but the 9m I just ordered will be!).

So what do you do if it inverts here is a link that describes what to do (albeit for a crossbow) but the technique is the same;