Drysuit Seal Repair 101

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I have a 2005 Pyro (original style?) and the wrist & neck seal need replacing. I have found some tutorials online that describe how to replace seals but all seem to suggest to glue to existing seal material at the seam. My seals are pulling away from the seam and new seals would need to be sewn in to effect a proper repair.

Local dive shops have quoted a price near 60% of a new suit to do the job so that makes no sense to me. I would like to keep the suit as it is in good shape.

So some questions on doing the repair.

Where can I source the proper seals. OR does not offer these for sale it would seem?
What glue to use, brand or type?
Any suggestions on how to sew them in and what sequence of assembly?

Any help appreciated.



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Hi Ben, you can purchase the seals from Ocean Rodeo dealers.  They come with glue strips which adhere when heated with heat gun.

I just replaced a neck and wrist seal last night on my 5 year old Pyro.

Check out page 12 and 13 of PDF file under http://oceanrodeo.com/images/uploads/kiting/pdf/DrysuitMan__2005.pdf .

This gives basic instructions.

Whole process took about 30 minutes and a couple of beers.  I did need a second person though to help.

The end result looks fantastic and is solid.



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