Important! Potential One Kite Bar Safty Issue!


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Ocean Rodeo has just become aware of a potential safety issue with some of its most recently shipped One Kite Punch Up bars.

Please Note! This issue affects only a small number of bars but we are sufficiently concerned to ask all Ocean Rodeo One Kite customers to check their bar before their next session.

All of our One Kites ship with a bar that relies on a front line leash. The leash attaches to a length of spectra leader line which is held in place by a stopper ball that can not pass through a metal O-Ring.

Stopper and O-Ring assembly:

It appears that in some rare cases the O-Ring used for this assembly was too large. This would allow the stopper ball to pass through the ring when put under load.

Stopper ball, through O-Ring:

We have now addressed this issue internally, so all bars shipped in the future will not have this problem. Further, we suspect that this issue only relates to our May shipment of One kites. However, we ask that all our customers check the existing O-Rings on their bars, especially if you received a kite in the last 2 months.

O-Rings to check:

There is a quick and easy fix!

If you identify an O-Ring that is too large, it is simple to fix. Place the O-Ring in question in a vice and tighten the vice so as to bend the O-Ring into an oval with the internal width being roughly .7” or 1.7cms.

O-Ring after being bent:

Note: The weld should be on the long edge of the newly bent O-Ring

Once bent, re-assemble the front line leader as shipped.

Re-Assembled front line leader:

Ocean Rodeo regrets any inconvenience that this might cause and apologizes for this issue. We encourage you to contact your dealer should you have any questions regarding this issue as they have all been issued an alert notifying them of this issue and outlining ways to address it.

Ocean Rodeo is committed to bringing you innovative and exciting gear but first and foremost values your safety. Please be sure to pass this notification on to any rider you know who owns an Ocean Rodeo One kite.

Thank-you for all your support! The Ocean Rodeo Crew.