Mako Wide and Classic in “XL”?

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Hi folks,

I am currently riding the Mako Classic 08 and a Mako Wide and I am stoked on those boards!
What I find really outstanding about the Mako Classic is the equal footbalance. I can ride a lot faster and better upwind with this board than on any twintip I tried, without getting tired easily. To me it feels a lot better and more natural than having all the pressure on the back foot.
However since I often kite in unstable winds, I often had a hard time plaining through the lulls. (6’5, 185lbs)

That’s why I added the Mako Wide, and after reading lots of reviews about it I even considered selling the Classic. I really like the Wide, since it is more forgiving, smooth and maybe has a bigger overall wind range, so I did not ride the Classic much since then. The only thing I am missing about it is the equal footbalance.
I think when the wind is steady I would rather go on the 12m Rise 09 and the Mako Classic than on the 10m and Mako Wide, because I like to go fast and the Classic feels more “radical”.

So overall I am feeling a bit twisted - The Mako Classic rocks, but only in good winds for me. The Mako Wide works mostly great, but is not a light wind board either.

I think the ideal 2 board quiver for me were a Mako Classic and Mako Wide in “XL”. Hard to say concrete specs, but maybe
Mako Classic: 163 X 37, Mako Wide: 168 X 43
Personally I would not worry about extra swingweight, because the current boards don’t feel big and are easy to turn to switch.
More important to me is the footbalance, which I find perfect about the Classic.

So if OR thinks about doing adjustments/additions going in that direction, you guys would rock my world even more! wink



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I’m one of those lucky sods who has had a play on them all. For full on high speed/power carving the classic has it nailed. For everything else the wides are the way to go unless you are a monkey who likes to dangle from a bar when the Zen will suit. Why did we invent a hook then not use it? it’s like inventing a bicycle then riding a unicycle Bizarre


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youre too old to understand :D

i still need to whack some wake boots on a mako and post it on kitescoop to get them all riled up!

i found the wide was a great light wind board to go alongside a 129 zen.. sadly i can only afford to keep one now so the mako’s going to have to go!

ps. i like to dangle like a monkey smile


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