2009 diablo action shot - www.jeremietronet.com update


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It has been a while since my last website update !
I am now in Coche Island in Venezuela for some training and shoot pictures of the new Ocean Rodeo Diablo !
Internet here is a little difficult here, especially with the wireless blocking all ftp upload ( which allow me to send new files on my server to update my website).
We are planing on going to Los Roques in 2 weeks, and then find an other place to bring new pictures.
The wind is Coche is now very good, riding on my 8m diablo everyday, I have also been playing around with some sample bindings I just got !!
Have a look at http://www.jeremietronet.com to find out more about the 2 new updates I just uploaded.
You can also find some pictures I will soon be uploading.
So keep visiting http://www.jeremietronet.com, more to come very soon !


Jeremie Tronet

Linn svendsen:


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Nice photos Jeremie.

I have been thinking about going to Venezuela for a holiday, those photos may have helped!


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Beautiful kite!!!

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Sweet!! Coche is awsome! I was there when I was doing my IKO certification, and can’t wait to get back…love that flat water!!



If it doesn’t blow it sucks!


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nice shots!

are OR going to do bindings??! nice.


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That would be a big undertaking! 

Hope you like boots Jeremie/Linn.  Try em on a bigger stiffer board with a ton of rocker. Night and day difference to a regular kiteboard.