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The Session series harnesses are functionally beautiful. I have the orginal and have long shelfed my trusty LF Luxury.

I decided to add a quick release clip to my leg loops since the new Session II has a larks head connection for quick install/removal. Makes sense! BTW I usually wear the legs loops under my snowpants or boardshorts but have the rear leg loop attachment point disconnected. I recently figured I might re-attach them for when I’ll start wearing wetsuits again combined with landboarding (off).

A similar clip can be found on an old cycling helmet or backpack. Clips will vary but I’ll describe the procedure based on my findings. I slid the female end of the clip onto the harness tail strap and secured it by routing a zap-strap around the assembly. The male end obviously involves less work, simply secure it with a hitch off the existing lines. The advantage this clip has over the new Session II upgrade is that it can be done blind. Wearing the harness you simply reach back, grab the male and mate it to the female end - voila!

Check out the pics for the mod.

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