Poll: Overall what is your impression of Ocean Rodeo’s commitment to Customer Service?
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Ocean Rodeo is proud to introduce the 100% Guarantee!

Effective immediately any purchase made through one of our dealers in North America or Europe is backed up with a 100% Guarantee. If you don’t love the product return it within 30 days for a full refund. You will need to be a member of the Crew to take advantage of this offer and you will be responsible for the shipping expenses involved in the purchase but beyond these requirements the offer is non-conditional, we are that confident that you will love our gear! (You can’t use the refund to buy the same piece of equipment again though… that would just be taking advantage of us!)

But wait! I don’t need to tell you that! You are already part of our loyal Crew of riders! What I do need you to do is to help populate this forum thread with your tales of customer service support, warranty service or equipment purchases you’ve made over the years from our company. Please be honest with your postings, if we made a mistake feel free to post it too but perhaps mention what we did to help solve the problem. Customer service is not only about reducing mistakes made, it’s about helping solve problems when they occur!

John Z - OR


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Living in Victoria it’s pretty sweet to have Kevin drop newly purchased gear off at my house when he’s off the clock…

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Springs to mind immediately is the burst leading edge bladder I had on my 2007 Rise 12m after having owned it a matter of weeks.

I reported the fault ( as I saw it ) to Ocean Rodeo HQ and was immediately instructed to return the damaged kite to the depot in Holland and that I would get a replacement kite shipped out to me.

I’d purchased the kite from dealer ‘sunrise’ but he was away kiting in Lanzogrotty. The UK rep ‘twister’ picked up on my predicament through this forum. Luckily enough for me he was holidaying on the south coast from Scotland at the time and called around to loan me his own 12m. He also took the damaged one off my hands saving me the shipping cost.

Then as soon as ‘sunrise’ returned he contacted me and shipped a replacement kite straight away.

This is just one example of the shining customer service and support that I received from Ocean Rodeo in my time of need and one of the reasons that I choose to support them, using their gear as a ‘beach ambassador’ here on the south coast of the UK. It also demonstrates the great team spirit that is the dedicated ‘crew’ of riders and dealers out there. Further posts from other happy crew members will no doubt echo my experiences on the worldwide stage!



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Following on from my past experience with a new 10sqm Rise, (flapping trailing edge), OR were fantastic in that they are true to their word and replaced my kite. I am now happier than a pig in S..T! I also have to mention that the rest of the boys on the beach were stunned to see me flying a new kite so quickly! This service has certainly outshone our competitors (who will remain anonymous), as several guys are still awaiting various bits and bobs which is now mad running into many weeks of frustration!
Thanks OR!

Beach bum here in Frinton-on-Sea.

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Sweet, not that you guys never covered use before! This will be a huge factor for people looking for a new kite this year! We all ready know how bomb proof the gear is now its backed up with a guarantee… Suckers try to battle but they get there heads burst!!


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I believe that Best Kites also have that 100% Guarantee and it seems like a lot of people probably use that as a deciding factor when they choose Best Kites.  Now that Ocean Rodeo has it, it’ll probably be a lot harder for people to justify getting a Best Kite!!!


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OR Customer Service Stories…..too many to count.

My faith in OR began when my buddy had a leading edge explode on his 2006 16 m One.  We had just started kiting and were gutted thinking we’d have to save up for a new kite or costly repair.  We called OR and the Z-man himself answered the phone -  a new kite was on the way before we even sent the damaged one back.  There have been a lot kites and bars since then and when the inevitable issues arises I have always been sorted out. 

I can’t even relate to other kiters who struggle just to get a hold of anyone at their “big” kite company, let alone get them to stand behind their product.

I don’t think other companies even come close.  And it trickles down to the OR community - from dealers, to local reps, to general riders everyone seemed stoked to lend a hand, spare some gear or offer advice to keep you on the water. 

As JZ says….The Crew is for You!


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I bought an OR Rise 12m and in about a month and a half later the leading edge bladder blew ripping the leading edge fabric, in less than a month I received a new kite.  I think there is no other company that work this fast and also have the best gear out there.  Thanks, OR Crew


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Ocean Rodeo Rules!!!!!!!!!!

Been flying Stingers, Broncos. Ones, and Rises are the the best kite ever designed Period!!!!!!!

You guy are the best.