UK Crew Going To Tarifa?

Poll: UK Crew Going to Tarifa
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Yes definately up for it!
No can’t make it this time :(

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Who’s up for the trip to the European Crew Event in Tarifa?

I’ve secured the time off work and have a pass from my wonderful wife. Car hire and accomodation costs would be more attractive if there were more than myself going!

Please post here, pm me or use the message board!



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i cant say i can afford it :(

theres only so much you can do on 30 quid a week raspberry


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I’m a bit gutted, as I’ve already booked another trip finishing a week before the Tarifa thing.  Not too sure the boss would be happy for me to be back for 3-4 days before jetting off again.  Mind you, if I get no wind for my trip, then I might just do it anyway.  It’ll be a last minute decision, and dependent on flights.


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