On vacation with a broken bar.  Need help!

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I just broke my bar in half as well as my swivel yesterday.  Everything else is good still and if it wasn’t for the swivel I’d just rebuild it.  I’m in cabarete now and have a little over two weeks left of my trip.  My options at the moment are an EH and a Best bar.  I fly OR ‘08 rise kites and my concern is that there is not enough throw on either of these bars to depower should I eject.  Has anyone tried either of these bars with the rise kites?  Cheers guys


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Did you tear the swivel in two? You can replace the swivel with something non swiveling for the time being, just count your loops and rotations L and R in order to keep the lines untwisted. How about a D shackle - depending a bit on were it broke?
good luck!