2009 Nitinat Lake Crew Gathering - WRAP-UP!

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Hey OR crew

What a stellar weekend. Huge THANKS!!! to the OR team for putting together a great party.  Chefs- nice work on the killer meals, and the Crew dudes who brought in the salmons- sweet!!

Great vibe, JZ’s chill music mix, Fantastic wind, fun competition, lots of new gear to try out!
and the fireball twirling/ bagpipes was…  trippy





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Thomas - thanks for starting this thread, I had meant to do so today!

As Thomas said there are many people to thank for this past weekend but none of them are as important as the Crew. Without the massive representation by people from all over the weekend never would have been as fun or as memorable. Thank-you to all of you who made the effort to travel to our island in order to take part! As islanders we know that it is a lot of effort to get on and off a boat just to enjoy a weekend!

Those of you who missed the weekend, please set aside the middle weekend of August for our event again next summer. Don’t worry though, you really didn’t miss that much fun!  tongue wink

PLEASE - post images from the event here on this thread and in our Crew Gallery but ALSO email me your photos so we can compile a master selection of images from the weekend. Be sure to include photo credits if desired and make a note if we are allowed to use the shots for promotional efforts or not! Thanks!!!

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Another great time had by all! If you missed this one, you really missed out!

Loscocco Windfest 2009 Gallery.


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Excellent photos. Missed a good one then? Mini Mako looks nice. How does it ride?



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Damn it.

Need to get there next year.


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Thank you Ocean Rodeo for the gear and food and good times.
It was amazing to ride in such a pristine environment surrounded by some of the biggest trees I’ve ever seen.
Word of advice…never let Carl mix you a drink, my tent was spinning round and round that 1st nite.

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Ok, so I’m a little late in coming for this post, but I still haven’t left the Island!
Thanks JZ and KM for arranging everything and Winona and Talia for taking care of us… Carl for entertaining us… non-stop.

Definitely had one of, if not THE best group kiting session of all time with a couple of the guys at the end of the lake one day.  For an “individual” sport, it was great to have such a group stoke coming off the water.

Thanks to everyone who came for the event, another great one… can’t wait to get the hoodie (JZ says it’s still going to happen)


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Or hoodie’s,,,. I need ta get me hands on one!!


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Thanks to JZ for showing me the importance of repeating Finlayson & Cook, Kevin for Narnia, Nathaniel for driving on the wrong side of the car, John for a cool game that involves a bridge and a town with the worlds biggest hockey stick, Andrea for the importance of avoiding float planes and exploring caves, Richard for showing us the trout and Reese for digging up worms, Ross for sending us upstream, and the bears that sent us down.  To the Kid who put a Jellyfish on his head and the girls who kept us fed.  If you ever wondered if you will venture to this magical place, there is no doubt, you will.