Rise 14M 2008 for a beginner

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Is this a good choice given the following:
Weight 187 pounds, did my lessons on 12m and 14m, will sail mainly on lakes with light winds.
I am a little confused as this kite being called freestyle oriented in some reviews, what does this mean as it pertains to a first kite vs. freeride?

Thanks for the help


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Here’s some advice, advice!
I own the 14m 08 Rise and it’s a great kite to learn on. Very well balanced bar pressure and feedback, as well as stability combined with quick turning. Good low-end, upwind and did I mention tons of power? Tons of power!
With your weight comfortable up to around 18 knots, starting at 11-12, depending on the board.

freestyle, freeride, whatev… it’s a great kite.