One, Handlepass Leash?

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Is it possible to simply use a handle pass leash connected to the metal loop on the chicken loop?

I got my one today and the standard leash is a pain in the arse!

What other options are there?

Also it tends to turn pretty slow, It still produces a fair amount of power but is hard to redirect during jumps. I have taken off the extensions, are there any other suggestions?


Ben Vine




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Turning speeds:

The One kite behaves more like a foil than a C kite, as such you need to use a slightly different approach to get it to come around fast for you:

1) Drive hard into your turn and really power the kite up as you initiate the turn. This will surge the kite forward.
2) Use this surge in kite speed to really yank the bar and send the kite around
3) As soon as the turn is initiated sheet the bar out hard to allow the kite the space to snap around
4) Catch the kite on the back side by sheeting the bar back in and powering up.

Leash options:

1) As shipped.

2) Off the metal ring by the chicken loop. Note:! This option relies on you punching the upper stopper ball out before releasing the bar as the bar must not be stopped by the stopper if you wish to obtain proper de-power of the kite off the leash. We recommend if you choose this option to also attach the (supplied) red grab handle to the front line leash location so you can grab that at any time and de-power off of one front line.

3) For a totally different approach you can modify the bar to make a spinning bar set-up. Note: Ocean Rodeo does not endorse this idea, but it has been told to us that it works well. Try this:
- Remove the set screws that hold the orange connector cable in place, remove the orange cable
- attach a length of spectra line off on the bottom side (closest to the bar) of the swivel
- Run this line through the 3rd hole in the upper stopper (previosly used by the orange line), through the center of the bar and through the 3rd hole in the bottom stopper.
- With the trim strap fully extended tie off this new length of spectra line to prevent it from pulling back through. Tie this length off so as to make a loop on the one end.
- attach your leash to that loop end - thereby making a leash that runs from the bottom of the swivel, through the stoppers and off to your harness.

Hope this makes sense!

John Z