Who’s coming to Brazil soon from the US ?


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Hi guys ,
I’ll be in Cumbuco from the 18th of September until the 15th of December.
Iam looking for anyone coming from the US to Brazil ( fortaleza).

I need to buy a new camera and will order it in the US but I need someone to bring it back to me.
Let me know if any of you guys know or are coming around September in Cumbuco !

thanks a lot

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We’ve got some people coming down to Paracuru next month, but they are coming from Canada. 
What camera are you looking for? 

On another note, if anyone is coming down to Brazil for kiting… we have a house with suites that we rent out in Paracuru… and we can show you around town, the kite spots, the restaurants, the bars etc and we have a nice pool!  I’ll be putting together some photos of the town and our place in the next week or so and put a post specific to this later on.



Jeff Doepker