Size advice: Large Pyro on a 5’10”  195 pounder?

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Hey there. 
Wondering if a Large Pyro is the appropriate size for me.

I’m 195 lb, 5’10” with a 34 waist (according to the manufacturer of my jeans, 36” if I measure) and ~33” leg.  The weight number doesn’t match a large in the chart but going up in size gets me into a pretty tall suit. 

Anyone out there with similar dimensions or same suit have advice on potential fit?


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I use the Large Pyo Pro drysuit… Im am 5’10” 190lbs,Size 38 waist with beer belly, perfect roomy fit, use the OR session harness2 size Large….


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Good to have room on legs if you use legstraps… Pulls up legs…

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