Custom surf for a large rider

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How’s the strength of these OR Custom surfboards.  At 245lbs I don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that will break in a month.  I want to be able to ride it hard and do some jumps.  Is this board for me or should I look at liquid force rawson, or JL?

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The custom surf is a great board and a really nice shape for the waves.  At your weight I wouldn’t jump it though.  If you want to ride a surfboard hard get an EPS (epoxy) board.  Poly boards have great feel, but don’t hold up to hard landings as well.  For big jumps and “directional freestyle”, which is a lot of my riding style I ride a small EPS board from another company that shall not be named.  Look for a sandwich wrap with some wood under the decking.

If you’re mainly riding waves and not jumping much, go with the OR custom.

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Any other experiences with the Custom Surf? I am interested in getting one too but am slightly concerned about heel dents and the large amount of rocks where I ride. I weigh quite a bit less than kiter86 (150 lbs).

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The standard shape might be too much board for you at 150lbs but i think the board could be ordered a bit smaller(thinner)