looking for a replacement

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have a 16m switchblade that i am looking to replace.  love the power of the kite but it is getting old.  bought a havoc 16 and it does not have the power of the cab.  any comments on an or kite or suggestions.  also any dealers near perdido key fl have a kite i could demo?


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14 meter rise would be the ticket. gruntiest kite i have ever flown, well aside from the 25 meter machine I once used.  That doesnt count! The 14 still turns fast for a big kite and depowers really well when it picks up. Havent tried the 16 but i’m sure it would be a great light wind kite. 14 would just be a big quicker. The rise kites just have more grunt than most other kites on the market IMO.

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I agree…go with the 14m Rise. Not sure about the dealers near you. Remember there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you can’t find a demo. I think you will be stoked though…


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I agree with the 14m if you’re average size/weight, even 2 years ago it was a great kite.  The 2010 version should be superb.  If you’re heavy or big build, then the 16m will be a better bet.


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