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To the OR crew,

Firstly I will say the dealer in Australia does a great job with your product and the OR Rise Kites are excellant kites [I personally own four]........

However I feel in Australia we are a poor second cousin to North America.

Can the team at OR confirm that Australia will be part of the future marketing plan, and where is the 2010 gear, a lot of hype and promises on the forum, looks great, all I ask as a consumer is when it will be available to the Australian market…..or should I start looking for an alternative brand !!

Again, love the gear and your dealer in Australia [melbourne] has been super helpful to me.

Can’t wait for a reply



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Very stoked that you have so many of our kites and that you are so happy with them.

Unfortunately, right now we rely on 2 Importers of our products into all of Australia. One in Perth and one in Melbourne. I would like to see this situation changed and to grow the distribution into Australia but for now we have to remain happy with the wonderful working relationship we have with these 2 shops. It is important that you understand that we as a company do not currently import our products for distribution into Australia. Rather, we offer our equipment direct for purchase from HK and Thailand to these dealers who simultaneously act as Importers. We work closely with these shops to encourage them to make our products available in a timely manner but ultimately the timing of their import process is left to their own desires.

I would encourage you to get in touch with your retailer to ask them what their plans are for the 2010 season. We have equipment ready to ship in HK and Thailand now and can get them their 2010 opening order within 2 weeks should they let us know their order soon.

Please also know that currently Ocean Rodeo only acts as its own distributor for North America and parts of Europe. In all other areas we rely in Importers to help us in the distribution process.

John Zimmerman
Sales and Marketing Manager
Ocean Rodeo Sports


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Some members of the kite-engel crew (Germany) will be in Australia (near Perth, 14th december 2009 to 12 january 2010) with the 2010 OR gear in their bags grin

If you would like to test it you can meet up with them , if you want.