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I just got a 2010 Rise 12m to serve as my high-end kite. I also got a Mako King for lightwind/waves. The 12m is replacing a ‘08 14m LF Havoc, I haven’t gotten to ride the 12m much yet, does anyone have any comparsion to the Havoc far as power.

I know the Rise has solid low end espeically compared to the Rise, I’m hoping that it will have the hangtime and float tha tthe 14m has, and come close to the same low end. Any other reviews on the Mako 130, my main board is a Mako 140, but I’ve wanted to try the Mako 130 just for spinning, jumps, etc.

My quiver:

2010 OR Rise 12m
2009 LF Havoc 10m (Soon to be replaced with OR Rise 9m)
2008 LF Havoc 14m
OR Mako King
OR Mako 140