2010 6m vs 08 6m, and 09 zen?

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Obviously the 2010 is gonna be a lot nicer, but how much so? Anyone tried it? 08 6m is a fackin rocket, has the 010 slowed down at all and is it way more stable?Dont get me wrong though the 08 is a nice kite, just wonderin would it be worth sellin it and buyin a 010.

whats the 2009 zen like aswell. would it gud to start learnin tricks on like s-bends nd railey’s and stuff?


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From 2008 the kite has chaged a lot.In my opinion in a very good path.
The kite is way more stable but still is very fast.I will always be a 6m kite which canĀ“t be slow I think..

Whether you like the new bar or not is up to you.Its a major change and I am personaly having some problems that will be solved when I get addapted to it.I think is just a matter of time.

I would definately chage the 08 Rise for the 2010, you wont be dissapointed.

Have fun


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Can’t comment on the 2010 gear yet but I did notice a pretty substantial change in my 2009 8m vs my 2008 8m.

I think OR did a great job of addressing the “twitchy-ness” of the smaller kite sizes when they released the 2009 gear.  As a result both my ‘09 6 & 8m kites felt more stable than my ‘08 8m.  The are still crazy fast, just in less of an accidental kite-loop kind of way.  More responsive to intentional rider inputs, less responsive to unintentional rider inputs is the best way to describe it.  Don’t know how they did it, but they did.  Imagine 2010 will be even better.


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I’ve flown the 2010 6m, however it was the first 6m I’ve used so I am unable to compare it to the previous versions.  It’s fast yet stable and I knew where it was in the sky.  This was in wind of about 35mph (54km/h).


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